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BRINGING YOU tales of resin dust, fibreglass cuts, master craftsmanship and the pursuit of the perfect ride

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Welcome to the first instalment of Behind The Shaper, presented by URBNSURF x SurfVisuals.

This 80-page, A4-sized zine is jam-packed full of tall tales from 12 local, highly-respected shapers from Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast. Inside you’ll find exclusive interviews, insights and never-before-seen photos of these 12 craftsmen, in their element. We’ll deep dive into their lives, motivations, experiences, and how they see the future of shaping. There’s also plenty of talk regarding the next chapter of modern surfing - wave pools - and shaping the perfect board for the URBNSURF Melbourne lagoon.

It’s time to tell the rarely-heard stories from the people who make our favourite pastime possible. The shapers.

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Welcome to Behind The Shaper – a brand new series presented by @urbnsurf and @surfvisuals that celebrates the tall tales of the most important people in surfing, the shapers.

The first instalment of Behind The Shaper heroes 12 well-known and underground shapers from Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast, a birthplace of surfing culture, industry and craftsmanship regarded around the world. What started out as a small project quickly ballooned into a 80 page magazine with photography by @edsloanephoto, a web and social content series, a 6 episode podcast mini-series by @lippedpodcast, and the construction of custom surfboards to be ridden by the shapers in URBNSURF Melbourne’s lagoon later in 2019.

To bring the stories of these 12 legends to life, we’re holding a gallery exhibition on May 24th at 524 Flinders St, Melbourne. Supported by @nobleboybeer, the event will feature portraits, interviews and boards by the shapers, live music by local DJs, and more.

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This series, produced by SurfVisuals, wouldn’t have been possible without the support of URBNSURF, our talented content creators Ed Sloane, James Miles (Lipped, The Surfers’ Podcast), Zac Dorio and Aidan Stevens, and of course the twelve featured shapers, and the loyal families, friends and customers who support them.

Shaping is a highly-technical artform that enables us all to enjoy the sport we love. Small businesses are Australia’s backbone, so we encourage everyone to order their next board from their local shaper - they’ll appreciate it more than you know.